Triumph of the Cross News

The Triumph of the Cross Building Committee and Finance Council are concluding a study of “Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture and Worship.” This set of guidelines was published in 2000 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It is devoted to the principles that underlie the building of new churches. We decided that it was important to discuss and develop a consensus as a group on the general principles before we discuss practical issues.

An example of such a general principle follows: “Churches, therefore, must be places suited to sacred celebrations, dignified, and beautiful. Church buildings and the religious artworks that beautify them are forms of worship themselves and both inspire and reflect the prayer of the community as well as the inner life of grace. Architecture and art become the joint work of the Holy spirit and the local community, that of preparing human hearts to receive God’s word and to enter more fully into communion with God. (Built of Living Stones, #18)
– Fr. Tim McGuire

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