The Program Statement

The Triumph of the Cross Building Committee is in the process of writing its Program Statement. The Program Statement is a written text that describes to an architect what we expect to be included in his/her design. Our Program Statement (which is not complete) includes the following:

Our new church must…

1. look like a church.

2. inspire prayer.

3. conform with all current liturgical norms.

4. seat 800 congregants.

5. be a cathedral; i.e., there must be a cathedra (bishop’s chair) and a presidential chair (for a priest in the absence of the bishop).

6. have a tabernacle in the main axis of the nave.

7. have a baptismal font with capacity for adult immersion.

8. include quality art.

9. include, as appropriate, objects from the closing parishes.

We anticipate that the Program Statement, which is not complete, will be very thorough when it is completed. Further, we will ask for input from the parishoners of all six founding parishes before we complete the design process.

Rev. Timothy P. McGuire

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