Building Committee’s Work

What is taking so long? Aren’t we ready to break ground? The answer is definitely, no. What the Building Committee is doing right now is one of the most critical pieces of the building process. We are putting a Program Statement (tells an architect/designer what we want) together. Some of the elements we are discussing include the exterior shape of the building, the arrangement of seating, having a choir loft or not, what can be included from the existing churches, sound system, sacristy, narthex-gathering area, etc. A less tangible concern, but even more importantly, we are asking, “What should this building say symbolically about God and the people who worship in it?” Next week we will also be discussing how to include all of you in this discussion. It takes time to do this. On the other hand, we do have a deadline looming. So, we must make haste.

Fr. Timothy McGuire

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