The Pastoral Plan: An Opportunity

When the Steubenville Task Force was putting together the Pastoral Plan for the City of Steubenville, we knew that the only part of that plan that many people would look at was the question of the reconfiguration of parishes. That is understandable since that is what most immediately and dramatically would touch most of the people. However, now I am hoping that people, having overcome the initial shock, might go back and read the entire Pastoral Plan (see or

One part I hope you go back to is the Vision Statement on page 4. For instance, we said, “As a people who believe in God’s providential love, we choose to see the present moment, not as a harbinger of doom, but as a gift from God, a challenge to be met, an opportunity for renewal, a call to a new way of living as the Church.” We realized that this difficult moment in our history could be seen as tragic or as an opportunity. We chose the latter.

Rev. Timothy P. McGuire

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