Building Committee Q & A

This weekend a special insert about Triumph of the Cross parish is included in the Parish Bulletins of the six parishes that will be forming Triumph of the Cross parish. Here’s what’s included in the insert:

Q. What is the Building Committee doing at this point?

A. The Building Committee is now completing a rough draft of its program statement. Beginning after the first of the year we want to get parishioner input on the program statement, interview potential architects, and hire one of them. We hope to have these tasks completed by the end of January.

Q. What is a program statement?

A. A program statement is a written document that lets the architect know what we expect in our new building.

Q. What sort of things are contained in our program statement rough draft?

A. Here are two examples of statements in our rough draft:

  • Our new church shall…”incorporate themes, identity, history and/or objects from the six closed parishes that comprise our new parish.”
  • Our new church shall…”Have a multi-purpose room (at least 1,200 sq. ft.) accessed from the narthex (gathering space) that can be used for server vesting, classroom, vesting for up to 100 standing priests, conference room, meeting room, choir rehearsal room.”

Q. What sort of input will you be looking for from parishioners?

A. Before we write our final draft or tell the artichect to get to work, we hope our parishioners will be able to be a part of the our planning process. There may be people who have some very helpful ideas. For instance, on a practical level, how can we make the following statement a reality: “Incorporate themes, identity, history and/or objects from the six closed parishes that comprise our new parish”? While the parishes have representatives on the Building Committee, those members don’t have a corner on the ideas market.

Q. How will meetings with parishioners be conducted?

A. Fr. McGuire will schedule several different times and places to do the same meeting at a time and place convenient with parishioners. He and a couple of the Building Committee members will review the program statement line-by-line while giving everyone present the opportunity to comment. He has expressed his willingness to speak to anyone about any issue, even the difficult ones. However, in order to accomplish the stated task, the program statement is the only issue to be discussed at this meeting.

Q. How do I proceed if I want to review and comment on the program statement?

A. Please give Fr. McGuire your name, address and phone number by calling 264-6177 or by e-mailing him at He’ll get you a copy of the rough draft prior to the meeting and ask you which meeting time and place will be convenient for you. The deadline for notifying him is Monday, January 9, 2006.

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