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Parish Mission

Begin your spiritual journey through Lent by joining us for a parish mission during the first week of Lent. We will meet each evening for about an hour and half, from Monday, March 6th through Thursday, March 9th, for a Mass at 7:00 pm. The Mass will include a special Lenten sermon. The location will be Holy Rosary (chosen for its centrality and parking). The mission is especially for the future parishioners of Triumph of the Cross, but all Catholics of the city are invited to join us. The theme of the mission will be “Seeking God’s Triumph in Our Lives.”

A parish mission is a special time in the life of a parish when all its parishioners are called together to be renewed in prayer and faith. For those who are open to God’s grace it can be a powerful, life-transforming event. What a great way to begin the season of Lent!

Fr. Mcguire


Have an Impact on the Future

The Building Committee and the architects for Triumph of the Cross want to meet with you. This is your chance to have an impact on the future of our parish. We want to know what you believe is unique that your parish can bring to our new parish. That might be a tradition, a special event or an object. Our goal is to bring together six communities that have unique histories, customs and buildings. We want to create a parish and a building that reflect the very best from these six unique communities. We need your help to do this. Meetings will be held in the parish hall at each parish at the days and times shown on the schedule below. Come share with us what is important to you.

Fr. McGuire

Saturday, March 4th
5:00 pm St. Pius X

Sunday, March 5th
12:30 pm St. Anthony
4:00 pm Holy Rosary

Saturday, March 11th
5:00 pm Holy Name

Sunday, March 12th
10:30 am St. Stanislaus
1:00 pm Servants of Christ the King

First Working Meeting with the Architects

Tonight the Building Committee for Triumph of the Cross met for the first time with our architectural firm, Meacham and Apel. There is a great deal we will have to discuss with them as they get down to design work. We will need to discuss our Program Statement and clarify any questions they have. They will want to know what we mean by this phrase or that. They will want specifics. The question of the location of our new church must be settled. We know that the general location specified by the bishop is St. John Heights. This means the area around Catholic Central and Holy Rosary. Finally, Meacham and Apel wants to meet with more people from the six parishes. There is much to be done in the weeks to come, and we will keep you posted.

Fr. McGuire

Parish Lenten Mission March 6-9, 2006

Join us for a Parish Mission for Triumph of the Cross parishioners Monday, March 6 through Thursday, March 9. The Mission will be conducted at Holy Rosary church and will include Mass each evening beginning at 7:00 pm with Fr. Timothy McGuire as the presider and homilist. We hope that many members of the parishes forming Triumph of the Cross will attend, get to meet one another, and join in worship together. Members of other parishes and guests are, of course, also welcome to join us.

Small Group Meetings; The Architect

The Building Committee has been very busy over the past two weeks. The small group meetings with parishioners who are interested in reviewing our plans so far have gone very well. Their suggestions and questions have been very helpful. There has been great relief on most of their parts to find out what we hope to accomplish. One example has been finding out that the tabernacle will be in the main body of the church. Some of the liveliest discussions have been over whether to have a cry room and a choir loft.

A second bit of great news is that we have chosen an architect: Meacham & Apel Architects, from Dublin, Ohio. One of our first requirements, since this is no ordinary church, was that the architect had to have extensive church design experience. Meacham & Apel have designed 21 new Catholic churches over the past 25 years all over Ohio. We will start working with them next week.

Fr. McGuire