Small Group Meetings; The Architect

The Building Committee has been very busy over the past two weeks. The small group meetings with parishioners who are interested in reviewing our plans so far have gone very well. Their suggestions and questions have been very helpful. There has been great relief on most of their parts to find out what we hope to accomplish. One example has been finding out that the tabernacle will be in the main body of the church. Some of the liveliest discussions have been over whether to have a cry room and a choir loft.

A second bit of great news is that we have chosen an architect: Meacham & Apel Architects, from Dublin, Ohio. One of our first requirements, since this is no ordinary church, was that the architect had to have extensive church design experience. Meacham & Apel have designed 21 new Catholic churches over the past 25 years all over Ohio. We will start working with them next week.

Fr. McGuire

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