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The Church of the Diocese

Over the past few weeks there have been two important events at Holy Name Cathedral. The first was the Chrism Mass on Monday of Holy Week. The second was the ordination to the Diaconate of Seth Wymer on April 22. Both of these events illustrate how important the cathedral church is to a diocese. When one attends such an event with all the deacons and priests gathered around the bishop in “the Mother Church” it is clear that the bishop is the pastor of the whole diocese, and he presides from the church of the diocese, the cathedral. In Steubenville we are experiencing many changes in the present. Other places in the diocese will experience similar changes in the months to come. As the pastor, our bishop must provide for the present and future needs, in the best possible way, for all his people from Carrolton to Ironton – including Steubenville.

– Fr. Tim McGuire


Looking for Input from Catholics throughout the Diocese

Just before Easter the Triumph of the Cross Building Committee sent a questionnaire to each parish of our diocese (besides our six). The questionnaire asks Catholics throughout the diocese to offer input on the building of Triumph of the Cross. Some responses are starting to come back now. The input of Catholics outside our six parishes is important because this new church will also be their church, the “mother church” of the diocese. They will also be asked to help pay for its construction.

Site Plans & Floor Plans

The Building Committee for Triumph of the Cross Church is now narrowing its focus on three different site plans and two different floor plans. These are by no means final, but they do represent our narrowing of our focus. The three site plans all place our new church building at a different location and orientation (direction it faces) on or near the front lawn of Catholic Central. These site plans and floor plans are helping us see better what works well in regard to worship, parking, access from the street, appearance from Sunset Blvd. and not obscuring the CCHS building. Please follow our progress at

-Fr. Tim McGuire

Parish Visits on Holy Thursday Evening

The Triumph of the Cross Building Committee wishes to extend an invitation for you to join them in visiting all our parishes Holy Thursday evening. It’s been a long-held custom to move from church to church during the period of adoration (Garden of Gethsemani) after the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Our Building Committee sees this as an expression of solidarity among us and a demonstration of our genuine communion in the Body of Christ. In all the parishes the Mass begins at 7:00 pm, and the adoration follows Mass until the following hour:

  • Holy Name and St. Anthony (at Holy Name) until 11:00 pm
  • Holy Rosary until midnight
  • Servants of Christ the King (at St. Anthony) until 10:30 pm
  • St. Pius X until 11:00 pm
  • St. Stanislaus (at St. Peter) until midnight