What’s taking so long?

I have been asked that question on more than one occasion in the past few weeks. To those who asked it I gave assurances that the Building Committee has been meeting every week for eight months for a two or three hour meeting each week. Our architects have been with us for all but two of those meetings since January. A process like this takes time. There are lots of questions that have to be answered by the architects before we can move to the next step. The kinds of questions that take that sort of time have been questions like, “How much will it cost if we do this?” “Is there another way to do the same thing?” “Is it possible to include this or that without changing the basic structure of the church?” “How can we incorporate this or that item from a closing church?” But, I am happy to say that we are near the end of such questions and should soon be able to share our plans with our parishioners soon.

– Fr. McGuire

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