Historical Recap – Part 1

Over the next several weeks I will recap the history of the past three years. I realize that the conclusion of this process is not what anyone expected: On May 29, 2003 Bishop Conlon convened the first meeting of The Steubenville Task Force (STF) at All Saints School. The pastor of each parish and two lay members of each parish were appointed to the STF. Bishop gave us this charge: “If you were the Bishop of Steubenville, how would you structure the ministry, including programs, personnel and facilities, to provide the best possible presence of the Church in the life of the City of Steubenville?” He did not give us a plan. He did not tell us to close churches. He did not give us the answers. He asked us to come up with the answers. He did, however, have some parameters within which we had to work. More on those later.

Fr. McGuire

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