Historical Recap – Part 5

During the summer of 2003 the Task Force went to work. A steering committee was formed to set out how we would proceed. We formed ourselves into six committees: liturgy, education and formation, family life and pastoral ministry, social justice and ecumenical, new evangelization. Each committee was to spend the summer gathering information – huge amounts of information about programs, personnel and facilities. Some examples of the information we sought include:

  • evaluations of each building’s condition
  • capacities of churches and schools
  • numbers attending Mass
  • numbers of deaths vs. baptisms
  • sacramental preparation programs
  • ecumenical involvement
  • social ministries
  • numbers of students in our schools and their budgets
  • numbers of parish employees
  • and more.

Next week I’ll give you some examples of the information these committees put together.

Fr. McGuire

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