Historical Recap – Part 6

Numbers, numbers, numbers! By the end of summer 2004, the Steubenville Task Force had gathered a huge amount of data. In order to look at trends we decided to compare the year 1952 with 2002. (Remember, this is just a sampling of a huge amount of data. Also, remember that in 1952, Holy Family, Servants and St. Pius X did not exist.)

We looked at growth or loss in the number of individuals registered at each parish. This is what it looked like from 1952 to 2002:

  • Holy Name down 81%
  • Holy Rosary up 93%
  • St. Anthony down 77%
  • St. Peters down 63%
  • St. Stanislaus down 87%

One good forecast of the future is the number of Baptisms. Again we compared 1952 to 2002:

  • Holy Name: 130, down to 1
  • Holy Rosary: 31, down to 26
  • St. Anthony: 123, down to 7
  • St. Peter: 108, down to 19
  • St. Stanislaus: 36, down to 0

We all took a nervous gasp of breath.

Fr. McGuire

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