Historical Recap – Part 8

One last set of numbers! If you’ve been following these reviews of the work of the Steubenville Task Force, you know that we worked with a lot of numbers, and I’ve shared only a small fraction of them. The last number will be the percentage of seating capacity being used at each church in 2002. This number is based on the numbers supplied to the Diocese by each parish each October. We simply took these parish attendance numbers along with the number of Masses at each church and its seating capacity and divided. Remember, these numbers were supplied by the parishes themselves, and the seating capacity is based on a standard number of inches of pew space. What we found was that each parish utilized its seating capacity as follows:

  • Holy Family – 66%
  • Holy Name – 67%
  • Holy Rosary – 127%
  • Servants – 88%
  • St. Anthony – 41%
  • St. Peter – 79%
  • St. Pius – 43%
  • St. Stanislaus – 47%

Fr. McGuire

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