Historical Recap – Part 9

In Part 3 I said, “And, when we finished our work two years later, we believe we had discerned the will of God and responded with a generous heart.” However, as with all cases when God works in the hearts of human beings, except for Jesus and His mother, it is not always smooth-going. That was certainly the case with the Task Force. We all started with our own preconceptions, biases, personalities, etc. Sometimes there were angry exchanges as we tried to protect our own “turf.” Sometimes we said things we regretted later – I said things that I regretted later, and for that I apologize. But through that very human unrest we had the courage to “stick with it.” We continually reminded ourselves that our task was to discern what was best for the Church of Steubenville, not ourselves. It took a year, but we began to make progress.

Fr. McGuire

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