Historical Recap – Part 10

Realizing that we had done a great deal of preliminary work, and knowing that we now needed to start looking at parish configuration, the Task Force decided to take a break for a holy hour. We saw our prayer together for guidance as imperative. It was only then that we discussed possible configurations. There were a few givens:

  1. We had to reduce the number of parishes because we were told we would have only four priests (perhaps even fewer in the future);
  2. One priest can (by Church law) have only 3 weekend Masses, except in emergencies;
  3. Therefore, there could be no more than 12 weekend Masses throughout the city rather than the current 21.

The models we looked at ranged from one parish for the whole city to 4 parishes. Each model then had to be evaluated in light of all the data and conclusions of the various committees of the Task Force.

Fr. McGuire

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