Historical Recap – Part 14

July 25, 2005 was the day, chosen by the bishop, to accept and publish The Pastoral Plan for the City of Steubenville. His decree made the Pastoral Plan effective on August 6, 2005. As of that effective date, the Steubenville Task Force ceased to exist.

However, shortly thereafter, the bishop moved very quickly to implementation.

  • As of September 14, 2005, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, Triumph of the Cross Parish was formed and its pastor named.
  • The Implementation Team was formed from some former Task Force members and others. This group is charged with the implementation of the entire Pastoral Plan.
  • Another group formed was The Schools Task Force. This group was formed to make a recommendation to the bishop on the configuration of our Catholic schools – only the ones within the city limits of Steubenville. Within the next several weeks, The Schools Task Force will share with the public its recommendation prior to formally presenting it to the bishop. A new configuration of schools is expected for the 2007-2008 school year.
  • The final groups to be formed, these by Fr. McGuire, were the Triumph of the Cross Building Committee and Finance Council.

Fr. McGuire

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