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Building Committee Update from Fr. McGuire

I thought this might be a good time to give you an update regarding the work of the Building Committee. We met last week and will meet again next week. In the meantime, Meacham and Apel, our architects are working hard.

During the past two weeks, one of our architects has met with the City of Steubenville about code requirements and engineering. There are many code requirements that the City of Steubenville must be assured will be met (and they will all be met) before they will grant a permit to begin construction. There are codes involving almost every aspect of the building from what is under the ground to the top of the steeple.

Fr. Cross and I spent much of the first week of October inventorying all our churches. We took pictures of and cataloged every object in the churches (measurements, condition, colors, styles). This inventory will be used by the architects and the Building Committee to determine what can be moved to the new church and where it might be placed. The catalog contains around 500 pictures and descriptions.

Up to this point the architects have finished schematic drawings of the exterior, drawn the steel framing of the shell of the building, completed two possible site plans (depending on the City of Steubenville), rough window design, and completed a floor plan for both floors.

In the few weeks to come the Building Committee and the architects must make some very important decisions such as the brick and stone that will used in construction, the design and materials for pews, altar, baptismal font & ambo. In short, what we are working on now are some of the most important decisions yet. They are important because they involve what people will see. Many important decisions have already been made, but these have been in regard to things that people will never see such as excavation and supports.

Some members of the Building Committee have also been involved in receptions for the capital campaign. Many of the parishes around us began the campaign a few weeks ago. Our six parishes are beginning the campaign effort now.

This update will also appear in the October 22 Triumph of the Cross Parish Bulletin.