Building on the Past

The latest issue of The Steubenville Register, our diocesan newspaper, includes two items related to Triumph of the Cross cathedral. One is an article by Msgr. John Michael Campbell, pastor of St. Mary Church in Marietta, Ohio, sharing his thoughts about the spirit and the people in the past who have built the diocese, and looks ahead to future generations. As part of his conclusion, he wrote:

I believe that we need Triumph of the Cross Cathedral because the people and priests of the Steubenville Diocese are proud of our past and look to the future. Sixty years ago, Bishop John King Mussio and the pioneers of our diocese brought these 13 counties together and built soething we are all proud of. In those days, there were nay sayers: “We don’t need another diocese in Ohio. They can never get the task done!” They were proved wrong.

I believe that we need Triumph of the Cross Cathedral because in 60 years future generations of Catholics will be thankful to God for our efforts, for the courage we had to step out in faith and build a beautiful cathedral – a living monument of our own faith.

The members of the Building Committee are actively praying and working together to help design and build a cathedral for prayer and worship, serving everyone in the diocese now and in the future.  

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