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75 Building Committee Meetings

At our last Building Committee meeting, March 26, we estimated that we’ve had 75 meetings since we began in October, 2005. The committee includes priests and parishoners from all six parishes that will form Triumph of the Cross Parish, and we’re dedicated to helping design and build a truly prayerful new church for our parish community, a church that will also serve the diocese of Steubenville as its new cathedral.

Together we’ve studied, talked and prayed together that the Holy Spirit will guide us in serving the Church in Steubenville through our work. While each of us feels loss that our present parishes will be closing, we also look ahead and see such potential for building a new Catholic community and a new “home” for worship. For me, being part of this committee has been a true blessing as I’ve gotten to know people from different parishes and shared their experiences.

As I’m written before, we’ve been meeting regularly – almost weekly – to review and discuss the architects’ plans, take a hard look at projected costs, and “value engineer” virtually every aspect of the project to enable us to cost-effectively build a church that will truly enhance our worship as parishoners of Triumph of the Cross parish and invite all visitors to prayer.

Having spent recent months working on details of the overall design of the church and the site, we’re now starting to discuss interior design details, including more details about incorporating elements from the churches that will be closing. Up to this point, Fr. McGuire, pastor of Triumph of the Cross Parish and head of the Building Committee, has filled two large binders with notes from our meetings and many documents and plans we’ve discussed, and is ready to move on to Binder #3. And he’s got larger plans and drawings in his office.

Fr. McGuire’s Building Committee Notes
Our next meeting is April 9 as we keep working and praying with anticipation that we will have a worship-filled church through which we’ll build a new community of Catholics in Steubenville.

Have a very Blessed Easter!

Jim Coyle