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Lots of Change

The first half of 2008 brought several significant changes to most of the Roman Catholic parishes in the city of Steubenville as well as changes at other parishes in the Diocese. They’ve been reported in the Diocesan newpaper and the regular news media.

After receiving input from several groups and committees, Bishop Conlon decreed that even though there weren’t sufficient funds available to build the new Triumph of the Cross church and cathedral at this time, the six parishes which would form Triumph of the Cross Parish would close June 8, 2008, and their parishioners would become the members of Triumph of the Cross. Fundraising will continue for a new Triumph of the Cross church and cathedral. For now, we’re meeting and worshiping at two buildings – Holy Name Cathedral and Holy Rosary church.

Celebrations were held at the closing parishes June 7 and 8 with parishioners sharing their memories of life in their parishes.

Another major change affecting Triumph of the Cross as well as several other parishes thorughout the diocese was Bishop Conlon’s announcement that many priests would be moving to different parishes, effective July 1, 2008. Among the changes, Fr. Tim McGuire – our founding pastor – was assigned to be pastor of parishes in nearby Harrison county, and Fr. Thomas Nau came from Ironton in the southern part of our diocese to become pastor of Triumph of the Cross Parish. Fr. Nau introduced himself to parishioners at the July 5 & 6 Saturday and Sunday Masses.

As summer continues, we’re experiencing our early life as a single parish. Step by step we’ll become a strong community of God’s people.

Jim Coyle