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Guest Column by Bishop Conlon in Steubenville “Herald Star”

In today’s (December 31, 2006) Steubenville Herald Star there’s a Guest Column by Bishop Conlon in which he shares some of his thoughts about the Catholic Church in the city and Diocese of Steubenville, Triumph of the Cross, and his prayerful commitment to the people and the Catholic Church of Steubenville.

The link above and here is to a pdf copy of the column. It’s a very thoughtful article, well worth the time to read and reflect on.

 Jim Coyle

(Update: Links to article added 1/5/2007)


What’s Happening to Steubenville’s Catholic Schools?

The Education Task Force for the Catholic schools in the Steubenville continues to meet. As of this date no recommendations have been made. Our plan is to make a recommendation to Bishop Conlon around Labor Day. If the bishop accepts our plan, nothing would go into effect before the 2007-2008 school year. The coming school year, 2006-2007, will not be affected.

Vicki Nurczyk, Chair of the Schools Task Force